Belle River Wind Community Benefits Agreement

Pattern and Samsung are committed to finding ways to expand project benefits for the communities where we operate. Acting on this commitment, the Belle River Wind project established the Belle River Wind Community Benefits Agreement, which is administered by the Town of Lakeshore and will help build strong and vibrant communities in the area.

Belle River Wind has committed six million dollars to the Town of Lakeshore as part of the Belle River Wind Community Benefits Agreement. This includes an initial contribution of two million and an annual contribution of two hundred thousand dollars annually for the next twenty years.  This allows the Belle River Wind Community Benefits Agreement to begin creating significant impacts now and continue to support the efforts of the community for years to come.

The Community Benefits Agreement will support local initiatives in the Town of Lakeshore. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure improvements such as roads, airport and municipal services
  • Land stewardship initiatives such as creation and improvement of natural habitat, tree planting and shoreline rehabilitation
  • Construction, renovation or rehabilitation of public recreational facilities such as public arenas, parks and trails
  • Education and job training programs
  • Other community-related activities sanctioned by the community through approval by the council of the Town of Lakeshore.