Economic Benefits from 100 MW Wind Project

Supports local economy by:
  • Purchasing goods and services
  • Increasing revenue for service businesses such as local restaurants and hotels

Contributes to community with commitments for the life of the project:

  • Samsung and Pattern Development are always seeking ways to be a contributing corporate citizen and neighbour in the communities where we build projects. We will seek input from the community during project development to create a Belle River Wind Community Benefits Program that gives back to the Town of Lakeshore's residents for the life of the wind project.
Significantly contributes to tax base with estimated $220,000 annually benefitting:
  • Town of Lakeshore
  • Essex County
  • Local Schools

Creates job opportunities:

  • Ontario-based subcontractors will be utilized for construction of the wind project
  • Approximately 200 workers on-site during project construction and 15 permanent positions during operations, in addition to the use of local contractors for maintenance activities¬†
  • Subcontractors experienced in civil work (grading, excavation and concrete), electrical work and mechanical assembly
  • Typical personnel requirements include construction managers, electricians, heavy equipment operators and general labourers for assembly and civil work
  • Skills of project managers and operators include computer literacy, inventory management, job and equipment scheduling, performance record-keeping and data processing
  • Maintenance personnel generally need to be proficient mechanics or electrical/electronic technicians