Wind Turbine Safety Notice

As with any structure, wind turbines can accumulate ice under certain conditions.  During the cold weather months, ice can build-up on the wind turbine blades and fall to the ground in sheets.  This falling ice could cause injury to people or damage to anything within 100 metres of the turbine tower bases.  It is often difficult to see the ice that may have formed on the blades or have any warning of when the ice could fall.  

Harvesting the Wind for Ontario

The Belle River Wind power facility in Lakeshore, commenced commercial operation in October, 2017.  Samsung Renewable Energy, Inc. (Samsung) and Pattern Energy Group LP (“Pattern Development”) announced their 100 megawatt (MW) Belle River Wind power facility has completed construction and is fully operational. Belle River Wind is expected to generate enough clean energy to power approximately 35,000 Ontario homes each year, based on average annual residential energy use in Ontario. 

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